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A Dusklight Story: Trailer 1
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Audio Pong Trailer
A Dusklight Story: Trailer 2
A Detective's Demise: Final Trailer
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We're Sound Guys

For information and portfolio for specific services, please see the links below.

But Who Are Purple Jam?

Being founded by three binaural audio specialists all of whom have extensive experience in spatial audio, sound design and composition, we are uniquely positioned to enhance the audio in your game. Not only this, but being independent developers ourselves, we understand the hurdles faced by studios throughout the development process.


Great! What exactly do you offer?

We offer full binauralisation of your  game, allowing for an immersive and informative audio environment that simply isn’t achievable using stereo. We will create and implement all assets required, including composition, voice acting (including casting), sound design and trailer audio to match, or any combination of the above- taking your current game world and bringing it to life with detailed 3D sound. Listen to our work above.

Fantastic! Do I need to remortgage my house?

Cost depends on the size of the project and what services you require, but don't worry, we understand that budgets are often tight for indie titles. Get in touch for a chat and a quote! 

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