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Gaming as a medium has existed for over fifty years. But games in general, as in ‘throw ball into hole’ or ‘aggressively hit person and shout the word it,’ have existed since humans could think. No matter your choice of interactive entertainment, Videogames seem to be the ones that grab the world the most; the industry is worth more than three hundred billion dollars as of 2022, and naturally, this got us thinking - while the evolution of gaming has grown to incredible heights already, just like the iPhone… x(?) or FIFA 22, where can it all go next?

First, let’s turn around to see what we can hear behind us. In 1972, the world was introduced to the simple tennis game Pong. In 1981 we saw the release of the world famous Donkey Kong. Fast forward to more recent times and we were told of Mincraft’s low fidelity blocks, aspiring architects and fans of cubes alike. And hey, we can’t discredit the massive reach of FPS titles like CoD and Battlefield, becoming household names over the decades, for presumably good reason.

From breaking boundaries and filling the hearts of budding tennis players everywhere, to a raging ape throwing 2D barrels at unsuspecting wildlife, it’s safe to say we’re only touching the surface when it comes to the breadth and oddities of our Gaming past. Today, with so many of these games fading to dust, and even the big franchises squeezing what they’ve got left, it’s time we listened for a new type of gaming.

Audio Games have arrived, and it’s time for the gaming world to take notice.

Contrary to what you just read, people have started to think differently. They’ve ‘hiveminded’ and collected brain thoughts to come up with some amazing alternative forms of gaming.

Check some… urm… alternative games here -

And, despite now retro Audio Game titles like Real Sound (1997) existing long before even my time, Audio-Games appear to be a strong contender in the world of alternative games today. But, funnily enough, Audio-Game devs just don’t have the time or the budget that the big teams do, and so, you might not have even heard of them, let alone played them.

Currently, there are 400 plus Audio Games available for you to purchase on the Ios App Store alone (AppleVis). That’s a reasonable amount of game time, by a reasonable amount of devs, played by a very reasonable amount of people. And if we’re to go from the amount of people that it takes to get a petition signed and considered by an actual government (100,000 in the UK) then we've got a question for you - 

How many signatures, articles, blogs, ad campaigns, titles… how much noise do we have to make in order to get Audio-Games as an official genre on the App Store, Google Play Store, Console Stores, and Steam? 

That’s right. That’s what we’re trying to do - get all the hard work exerted by humble dev teams and all the hours played by Audio-Game enthusiasts noticed by the people, and, of course, to open up the minds of those who may be a little lost in the gaming world. 

But as is the case with most aspects of life, there’s always a more important element to what we, as humans, are doing in the moment. 

And this is no different.

We want to push Audio-Games to everyone that we can, but not just so we can explain how great they are. Why? Well, for many gamers around the world, accessibility features or fully-fledged Audio-Games are the only games some can enjoy. 

So there you have it, follow us on our journey to bring Audio-Gaming out from beneath even the Alt Gaming realms, and experience for yourself what Audio gaming is all about. 

Sign the open letter here to make a change today

Make sure to stay tuned for Purple Jam’s long-awaited release, Pitch Black: A Dusklight Story episode 1. 

We hope this all sounds great.

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