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Binaural audio is one of few innovative ways to evolve all audio assets in your game to a higher level of detail, spatial accuracy and most importantly immersion. Binaural audio simulates the effect of head absorption and pinnae effects as well as ITD (inter-aural time delays) and ILD (inter-aural level delays). To put it simply, binaural audio simulates the things that allow humans to hear in 3D, rather than simply stereo.

To immerse a listener in a world, it needs to feel real, sound real and function realistically. To truly immerse your players, you need the most detail and accuracy you can find, and binaural is a certified way of achieving such an effect. It just so happens that binaural audio is our speciality. When this technology is used in tandem with our bespoke sound design, the effect is truly remarkable, listen for yourself.

Binaural Integration: About
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