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Music Composition and Mixing: Videos


Music is one of the most commonly employed emotive devices in prolific forms of media. Music can reflect theme, on screen action and character emotion, all of which effect your emotions. Music, however, isn’t always the focal point of any given visual medium, subtlety in music is just as important as explosive orchestral tracks or violent metal scores, and it’s not always easy to achieve. Having achieved Master’s degrees in music production, we at Purple Jam embrace the task of writing soundtracks for our games, and love to hear how even the slightest of musical input can have a huge effect on audiences, listeners or players.

From natural sounding strings to dark and looming electronic ambience, we have what’s needed to create a any track from our home studio. We’ve got drum kits, guitars, synthesizers and more! we can’t wait to create your perfect soundtrack no matter the medium.

Get in touch and ask for a quote, we are pretty flexible guys so don’t be afraid to drop us a message.

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