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Pitch Black


The Big One

Having started development in March 2019, Pitch Black: A Dusklight Story is our largest original project. Featuring a fully binaural, interactive and explorable audio world, unique mechanics and an interwoven narrative, A Dusklight Story is aimed at being the best audio game ever made.



A Tech Noir Audio Odyssey

A Detective’s Demise is a dark, tech-noir inspired 3D audio adventure. Take on the role of the “Detective,” a Lambton enforcer with a few tales to tell; as you delve deep in the grime and mystery of a future District 5. Traverse the mean streets of Dusklight’s most brutal district as you search for “her,” encountering all manner of creatures, the lowest of the low, emboldened with heightened technology at your side. Pitch Black: A Detective’s Demise.

Available on iOS, Play Store, and our shop right here on the site.



Get Your Tranquility On

Sounds of Eden is a meditative, audio experience. Designed to inspire a sense of peace and calm within the listener. Walk through an endlessly generated garden where the only things that grow are blissful sounds. Each time you enter your garden, you'll find a unique array of plants that grow around you as you explore.

Available on iOS, Play Store, and our shop right here on the site.



An Audio Only take on the Arcade Classic

Take on eccentric opponents in nine different arenas and battle your way to the top of the Pitch Black: Audio Pong championships. Use your ears to win the title and power through our exotic stages. Audio Pong uses binaural audio to accurately spatialise and recreate your favorite classic arcade game. Pitch Black: Audio Pong has been built to be entirely accessible for visually impaired gamers. This audio game features fully voice acted characters, rich soundscapes, diverse sound design, and features a playlist of our own classic arcade soundtracks.

Available on iOS, Play Store, and our shop right here on the site.