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Pitch Black: Audio Pong (Mac OS X)

Pitch Black: Audio Pong (Mac OS X)

Version 2.0 adds many requested features including a whole new mode: Endless Mode! Where you battle enemies continuously to try and make it on to our new cross-platform Leaderboard!


Tournament mode now congratulates you when you take down the Emperor (your 5th opponent)!


We've added a new interactive tutorial to give you a strong idea of how to play the game. First and foremost, try centering the ball to get to return it to your opponents side, once you've mastered that, try slightly de-centering it to add more angle to the ball. You'll be topping the leaderboard in no time.


We've also fixed a few little bugs that had made their way into the code on the first release!


Have fun Pong-ing! We'd love to hear your feedback.


Take on eccentric opponents in nine different arenas and battle your way to the top of the Pitch Black: Audio Pong championships. Use your ears to win the title and rip through our exotic stages and arenas. Audio Pong uses binaural audio to accurately spatialise and recreate your favorite classic arcade game.  Pitch Black: Audio Pong has been built to be entirely accessible for visually impaired gamers. This audio game features fully voice acted characters, created soundscapes, fully interactive game areas, incredibly diverse sound design, an innovative audio only menu system and a featured playlist of our own classic arcade soundtracks.


Brought to you by Purple Jam Ltd, Audio Pong is the first in a series of Audio Games that focus on innovative audio mechanics. Through using binaural audio, Purple Jam Ltd intend to create a diverse list of Audio Game milestones, ranging from arcade games inspired by the classics to completely original audio innovations. Purple Jam Ltd aims to deliver new and exciting audio only games to expand on recent binaural application within the gaming industry, so keep up to date with our latest releases to see what cool and exciting games were developing next!

  • Mac OS X Release

    This version is for Mac OS X!

  • Please wear headphones!

    This game works with stereo speakers, but is better with headphones, if you've got some, please wear them!

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