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Where there is story, there is character. Characters embody the necessary driving force for all narratives: conflict, theme, viewpoints and many more. Writing character can be tricky, but fear not, nothing is ever as tricky as it seems, especially with a little help. Construction and execution are paramount to a successful character and having written a plethora of characters over the years, we are here to help in all ways possible. Naturally, dialogue and character are only as good as the person portraying said character. Knowing what to look for and looking in the right places is often an arduous task… well we can help with that too! We’ve loved casting for our various roles over the years and fully embrace the hunt for great quality actors that help bring your characters to life. Oh… and we’re qualified mix engineers too, so don’t worry about the editing!

As game developers, we know the importance of characters in narrative. Characters bring your story or world to life and draw your readers, audience or players in like nothing else can.

Check out reels and drop us a message to get a quote. We look forward to hearing from you and writing your dialogue, casting your character or mixing your recordings down.

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