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(we don't make jam)

Purple Jam Ltd consists of three binaural audio specialists. Using our unique skill set and experience we deliver high quality binaural audio, creating immersive soundscapes (objects, audio events, people and ambiences) within a variety of game worlds. 

Our current original project: Pitch Black: A Dusklight Story, consists of a fully navigable and interactable binaural audio world, and features intertwined narrative and exploration driven gameplay. 

We believe this is a massive step forward not only for VI accessible gaming, but also for audio gaming as a form.

Find our previous releases on the App Store, Play Store, and through our shop.

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Our Appeal to Apple

The accessible benefits of Audio Games for the Blind and Partially sighted are irrefutable - bridging the gap between technology and those who can’t access that technology is undoubtedly a force for good. With 39 million blind people and 285 million visually impaired people, developing creative ideas that appeal directly to gamers from this demographic simply has to be positive change. 

Other gamers aren’t to be forgotten here. Alternative forms of gaming, like music, puzzle and simulation games make up a substantial portion of the gaming industry. With alternative games being important, we have a mission. Audio Games are important and abundant, so we're trying to get the possible 400+ already on the App Store categorised.

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Meet The Team

The people on our team. The team of people. The people that the team consists of. The team.



Lead Programmer and Binaural Specialist

As our Lead Programmer and Binaural Specialist, Harry handles the tech side of binaural implementation, as well as coding our bespoke audio systems and unique game mechanics from the ground up! What a guy.

Picture Description: Harry has long blonde/brown hair and a beard, glasses and a grin. He looks harmless, but sometimes he's scary.



Narrative Director and Binaural Sound Designer

As our Narrative Director, Connor writes all dialogue at PJ, as well as working closely with our favourite voice actors to get the best possible performance. Not only that! He creates the majority of the sound design. Absolutely mental.

Picture Description: Connor has short brown/black hair and a beard. Whilst he has a devilish smile, we'd like to apologise in advance.



Marketing Mogul and Media Master

As our Marketing Mogul, Jordan handles all of our marketing media and video editing, as well as sprucing up the website, talking to our fans and chatting to fellow devs.

Picture Description: Jordan has long brown hair in a bun and a handsome, attractive face. Harry and Connor both wish they were Jordan.

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